Some of these Prime Day Amazon Fire tablet prices are cheaper than official iPad covers

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There's not long to go now in this year's Amazon Prime Day deals event, so you better get a move on if you've not started filling your basket with goodies.

And if you've fancied getting yourself a new tablet for a while for casual web browsing and watching a bit of Netflix or Prime Video, then the Fire tablets are certainly worth a look. 

And seeing as the cheapest Fire tablet, the Fire 7, is $29.99/£29.99 today, it'll come as no surprise that they're not exactly packing the power of Apple's super popular iPads. But hey, $30 wouldn't even get you an official cover case for an iPad from Apple. If you fancy seeing what Apple is up to today though, we've rounded up the best Amazon Prime Day iPad deals.

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The Fire series is the most popular series of budget tablets in the world though, and the Fire HD 8 model is a solid all-rounder for sure. If you have children, the Kids Editions are ideal as they have built-in online protection features along with lots of free apps for fun and learning. Plus they come in a solid rubber casing with a two-year no questions asked return and replace warranty - just don't tell the kids that. 

The great news is that we're seeing all-time low prices in both dollars and pounds on every fire tablet, but you'll have to hurry up in the UK as Prime Day is almost over there. And look sharp US readers as you don't have much longer.

US deals

UK deals

Amazon Fire tablets Prime Day details - USA

Amazon Fire 7: $49.99 $29.99 at Amazon
Get Amazon's cheeky little cheap tablet for really rather cheap - in fact, it's the perfect thing to buy if you just want to fling it into a bag and get going.
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Amazon Fire HD 8: $79.99 now $49.99 at Amazon
One of the few tablets that doesn't match the UK price in terms of dollars to pounds, this tablet has a low price and more than enough specs to justify the price at this drop - the HD screen is a big seller above the budget Fire 7.
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Amazon Fire HD 10: $149.99 now $99.99 at Amazon
The best tablet yet from Amazon for big-screen gaming and using the range of Amazon's Marketplace apps - the best for multimedia and a strong iPad rival at this price.View Deal

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition: $99.99 $59.99 at Amazon
A great tablet if you're worried about your kids smashing it up - as Amazon will replace it when you put in the return. It's a big saving off the already-cheap tablet, so definitely worth a look for the young ones.View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition: $199.99 now $149.99 at Amazon
You can save a chunky amount - 25%, in fact - on the large, robust tablet from Amazon that your kids can break without worry. The parental controls will impress, and the larger screen will be better for the slightly older child who needs a touch more power.
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Amazon Fire tablets Prime Day details - UK

Amazon Fire 7: £49.99 £29.99 at Amazon
£30 for a tablet? Now that's a deal. We've seen Amazon slash the price of its cheapest tablet before, but it's still a great deal. The Fire 7 is basic, but great for web browsing, emails, reading and video playback.
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Amazon Fire HD 8: £79.99 now £44.99 at Amazon
With an 8-inch HD display, reasonable power under the hood and plenty of apps on offer, the Fire HD 8 is a great, low-cost tablet - and with a saving of £35 it's now a bit of a steal.
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Amazon Fire HD 10: £149.99 now £94.99 at Amazon
Amazon's biggest tablet is its best for video and gaming, with plenty of screen real estate on offer. And it's made even better with this Prime Day deal, saving you £55.
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Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition: £99.99 £59.99 at Amazon
If they (the kids) break it, (you) return it and Amazon will replace it... for free! If that wasn't a good enough reason to pick your kids up a low-cost tablet, how about the fact it's now even more low-cost - just £60!
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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: £129.99  now £84.99 at Amazon
The Fire HD 8 has £45 off, offering parents piece of mind with great controls and a two-year worry-free guarantee, while kids get a sizable display and enough power to keep them entertained for hours.
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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition: £199.99 now £134.99 at Amazon
Save £65 on the extremely kid-friendly Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. It comes with a big screen for them to enjoy their favourite apps on, excellent parental controls, a chunky protective case and a two-year guarantee.
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Amazon devices are among the biggest sellers over Amazon Prime Day, as many of them see huge discounts, not just Fire tablets. If you're looking to pick up new tech, this is the perfect time to do it.

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