Damn, I think I might swap my Sonos setup for this Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar Cyber Monday deal

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If you missed out on this mega Black Friday deal for a mid-priced but incredibly powerful Dolby Atmos soundbar system, then you're in luck because it is still available but you'll have to be quick as only four are left in stock at the time of writing. The Samsung HW-Q930C is down from £1,149.99 to £623.99 at Amazon, which is a 46% reduction or £526 saving. 

However, that's not a record low price. Last Friday on November 17, you could get it for half of its original launch price at just £579 at Amazon, which easily made it the best Black Friday soundbar deal of the year for me. If you're not too fussed about the £45 difference and have been wanting to pick up a Samsung soundbar for a while now, then we'd suggest still considering this deal.

The Samsung HW-Q930C is such a good Cyber Monday deal because of the sheer amount of sound you're getting for this price. The main soundbar features seven channels of directional surround sound, plus two upfiring height channels for Dolby Atmos. The wireless rear speakers deliver one channel of surround sound each, and another upfiring height channel each, so you get a real "dome" of cinematic sound from this system. The wireless subwoofer also adds extra impact. 

Today's Samsung HW-Q930C Cyber Monday deal

Samsung HW-Q930C Dolby Atmos soundbar:£1,199£623.99 at Amazon

Samsung HW-Q930C Dolby Atmos soundbar: was £1,199 now £623.99 at Amazon
This is simply incredible value. 9.1.4 channels of immersive sound for this price, with totally wireless rear speakers, are extremely rare – and Samsung's audio quality for its soundbars is second to none. You've got HDMI passthrough and wireless music playback as bonuses too. This is the cheapest it's ever been (though it hit this price once before, a few months ago).

When I first spotted this deal, I thought that there was a very strong chance that it was going to be my personal Black Friday purchase of 2023. I've got a Sonos home cinema setup currently, with a Sonos Arc and Sonos One rear speakers. And while I love the overall quality of the sound, I've started craving more channels, recently – particularly more Dolby Atmos height channels. (Adding Sonos Era 300 speakers could achieve this for me – and I've actually tried it and enjoyed it – but a pair of them is so expensive.)

Samsung has been hitting it out of the park with its soundbars for years – they always sit at the top of our list of the best soundbars – and I've had my eye on an upgrade during 2023. I couldn't really justify the price of the mighty Samsung HW-Q990C, which is the even higher-end version of this setup… but the Samsung HW-Q930C would be perfect for the size of my living room, and would give me just the kind of upgrade I've been looking for (including the fact that it has an HDMI passthrough port, which my Sonos lacks).

I know the Samsung will be weaker with music, but I don't really use the soundbar for music anyway. But it'll do great stuff with my list of 10 amazing Dolby Atmos movies.

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Sonos Ray soundbar:  £270 £219 at Argos

Sonos Ray soundbar: was £270 now £219 at Argos
Sonos doesn't deal solely in high-end kit and the proof is right here, in Sonos' most affordable soundbar. You don't get HDMI ports or Dolby Atmos support, but you are still getting all the features and functionality of the Sonos wireless ecosystem. And because it launched in June of last year (and is pretty affordable anyway) we haven't seen too many discounts on it to date.

Sony HT-S40R:£349£299 at AO.com

Sony HT-S40R: was £349 now £299 at AO.com
This an incredibly affordable way to get 5.1-channel surround at home. The soundbar handles front, left, and right sound, while two rear speakers deliver rear left and right. The rear speakers are connected to a wireless amp, so there's no cable from the TV behind you. This has been £20 cheaper before, but if the price is right for you, it's a lot of sound for £300.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) Dolby Atmos soundbar: £499£379 at Argos

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) Dolby Atmos soundbar: was £499 now £379 at Argos
The second-generation Sonos Beam soundbar launched in October 2021 and while we have seen a few discounts to date, this is £20 off the cheapest we've ever seen it. For your money, you're getting a compact, stylish soundbar with excellent integration with the wider Sonos ecosystem, and immersive virtual Atmos support. 

Sony HT-A5000:£899£698 at Amazon

Sony HT-A5000: was £899 now £698 at Amazon
This is the best soundbar for gaming in the UK Black Friday sales so far – it's one of the few soundbars that can pass 4K 120Hz video with VRR through to your TV from something connected to it, so it's ideal for anyone with both next-gen consoles. It's designed to deliver big Dolby Atmos sound without a sub or rear speakers (though you can add them). In December 2022, this fell to about £100 cheaper, but this is the cheapest it's been since last year's sales.

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