LG's best cheap OLED TV plummets to $549.99 at Best Buy

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You often have to pay a significant price to get an OLED TV as they're built with some of the best technology on the market to give you a fantastic viewing experience at home. So, when we see one for nearly $500, especially when it's our pick for the top budget option in our guide to the best OLED TVs, we call that a bargain.

That's exactly what you get with this LG A2 48-inch OLED TV at Best Buy for $549.99 (was $1,299.99). This is the same price it fell to during this year's Black Friday, so it's a great opportunity to pick it up in the retailer's last-minute Christmas sales if you missed out earlier in the year. One to buy if you're after a small and affordable quality display to watch all of your favorite movies and TV.

Today's best cheap OLED TV deal

LG A2 48-inch OLED TV: $1,299.99  $549.99 at Best Buy

LG A2 48-inch OLED TV: was $1,299.99 now $549.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy has taken over 50% off the 48-inch LG A2 OLED. At $549.99, it's excellent value for money for a TV of this size and specifications - and it also equals the previous record-low price. Named as one of our best OLED TVs and rated four out of five stars in our LG A2 review, it delivers sharp images and impressive colors with HDR and Dolby Vision support, bringing out the best in movies and TV. LG's smart software is also excellent and the included Magic remote allows you to navigate your TV seamlessly.

We found this set to be a brilliant entry-level OLED TV in our LG A2 review. In terms of picture quality, you get a screen that delivers vivid colors and rich blacks that make images pop when watching movies or TV shows. At 48 inches, too, it's great for a smaller space or if you want to get OLED tech at a more affordable price.

A heads up, though, if you want to use it for gaming on current-gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The A2 lacks some of the key gaming features seen in more expensive OLED TVs such as HDMI 2.1 support and VRR that will give you the smoothest gaming experience. It'll still be more than serviceable, but consider an upgrade to the LG B2, LG C2, or LG C3 for these high-end features. Our guide to the best gaming TVs has all of these and more options.

We also keep you up to date with all the best TV deals available throughout the year if you want to see what else is available today.

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