LG unveils 2024 OLED TV range, including a brighter LG C4 and next-gen processing

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LG has revealed its 2024 OLED TV lineup, including its completely wireless flagship model, the LG M4 – as well as the latest iterations of its standard OLED lineup, the G4, C4 and B4. Although there is no officially confirmed pricing or release date, we expect the release to be around March/April time, as it has been in recent years. All models will be on display at CES 2024 from 9-12 January in Las Vegas, so we'll see them in person soon enough. 

The LG M4, LG’s 2024 flagship OLED TV, will feature a Zero Connect box, eliminating the need for all cables to the TV not only for picture, but also for audio. The WOWCAST wireless capabilities of the new built-in Alpha 11 AI processor can transmit lossless wireless Dolby Atmos to compatible LG soundbars. The M4 also comes in a 65-inch size for the first time. 

The LG G4 – the successor to one of the best OLED TVs available, the LG G3 – also features the Alpha 11 AI processor, boasting similar brightness levels to the M4, and the same wireless audio WOWCAST capabilities. The G4 will also feature the same micro lens array (MLA) tech introduced in the LG G3 last year, but it will now include this tech on the larger 83-inch model (the 83-inch G3 did not include MLA). Another welcome addition is the inclusion of a stand in some countries, instead of only coming with a wall mount (as the LG G3 and G3 did), although LG is yet to confirm in what regions this will be available.

The LG C4, the mid-range OLED in the 2024 lineup and successor to the LG C3, will feature a new-generation LG Alpha 9 AI processor, and promises improved brightness at all sizes compared to the C3, as well as gaming upgrades. Finally the LG B4, the entry-level 2024 LG OLED (no A series has been announced, just like in 2023), will feature a new-generation Alpha 8 AI processor, which not only promises similar performance to the old Alpha 9 processor from the LG C3, but also has four HDMI 2.1 ports for the first time, and finally arrives in a 48-inch size.

The M4, G4 and C4 will now support up to 144Hz refresh rate, which is a first for LG's OLEDs. LG's OLED lineup for 2024 will also be the first TVs to feature Dolby Vision Filmmaker Mode for viewing movies and in Dolby Vision HDR as the director intended for them to be seen. If you’re looking for more detailed info and specs on each model, other than the headline features, then read below.

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The LG G4 comes in sizes from 55 inches to 97 inches. (Image credit: LG )

LG’s 2024 OLED TV lineup

LG M4 

The LG M4 looks to be one of the most sophisticated OLED TVs on the planet, thanks to its wireless capabilities. Made possible with the Zero Connect Box, the LG M4 does not require any cables directly for picture or audio. You connect to the external box, which beams full-quality 4K 144Hz pictures over to the screen. It also comes equipped with LG’s latest chip, the Alpha 11 AI processor, as well as ‘brightness booster max’ technology (not included in the 97-inch size) leading to 150% increased brightness levels when compared to the LG B series in small HDR highlight areas. The Alpha 11 processor also allows for not only wireless audio transmission via WOWCAST to compatible LG soundbars, but also wireless Dolby Atmos transmission. 

The Alpha 11 AI processor also promises more AI Picture Pro features compared to last year’s chips, with greater levels of detail in its upscaling and new modes including ‘Director Tone’, which demonstrates an image "as the director intended" according to LG. Its AI Sound Pro features will also create the feeling of up to 11.1.2 virtual channels of sound from its built-in speakers – or, at least, it'll try to.

The M4 will also introduce a smaller 65-inch model for the first time as well as the 77, 83 and 97-inch models introduced with the LG M3. It will not come with a stand now, though – it's designed for wall-mounting. The M4 will also feature up to 4K 144Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync and Nvidia GSync capabilities as well for gaming.


Featuring almost the same specs as the LG M4, the LG G4 will be available in sizes ranging from 55 to 97 inches, and this year will see the introduction of the MLA tech into the larger 83-inch model, something the 83-inch G3 didn’t have. (The 97-inch model still won't have it.) The Alpha 11 AI processor (the same in the M4) in the G4 will feature the same brightness booster max tech as the M4, to produce brighter images than the G3 in peak highlights, but probably won't be much brighter than the G3 in most situations from what we understand so far.

Another exciting (and welcome) addition to the G4 is the inclusion of a stand in the box. One of the LG G3’s main downfalls was its pricey optional stand, so it’s nice to see a stand included for those not looking to wallmount. As stated above, we’re not sure what regions this will be available in just yet. The G4 will also feature the same improved gaming features as the M4, including the 144Hz refresh rate (up to the 83-inch size).


The LG C4 will feature a new generation of the Alpha 9 AI processor, which promises brighter images than seen in previous models such as the LG C3, and LG says this will apply at all sizes, including the small 42- and 48-inch models – these models didn't get a brightness boost the last time LG introduced one to the C series. The LG C4 also promises the same enhanced gaming features as the M4 and G4, including the 144Hz refresh rate.

The C4 will again come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 42 to 83 inches. The new Alpha 9 chip will include the same lossless wireless audio transmission to LG soundbars that the Alpha 11 in the G4 and M4 does.


The LG B4, the entry-level OLED of the 2024 lineup, will feature a new Alpha 8 AI processor, which promises further improved performance (LG says it's AI image improvement capabilities are in line with the Alpha 9 Gen 7 chip used in the LG C3 last year). 

One of the drawbacks of its predecessor, the LG B3, was only featuring two HDMI 2.1 ports – but thankfully, LG has rectified this, and the B4 comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports. It also comes in a new smaller 48-inch size, which will make it even cheaper – we expect this to be one of the best gaming TVs, no question.

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