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NordVPN price, discounts and best deals for 2021

nordvpn price, free trials and deals
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Without a doubt one of the best VPN options in the world right now, that doesn't mean you need to be out of pocket to enjoy the benefits of the excellent NordVPN. Which is why we're bringing you the information you need on the most affordable NordVPN price and deals as well as what free trials are available.

The service offers a superb number of features from the likes of double encryption and kill switch for tight security, to Netflix unblocking and live chat support for excellent usability. You'd think that would all add up to an eye-watering NordVPN price - but thankfully it doesn't have to.

We love that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is secure thanks to a strict no logging policy. But, despite the tight security and privacy, you also get decent speeds even when connecting further afield, thanks to over 5,000 servers dotted about the world. There's also P2P support for all those torrent fans and you can enjoy this on lots of devices thanks to a wide selection of client software options.

Here we explain what NordVPN prices and discounts are available and what the best offers are if you want to sign up now.

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NordVPN price: what is today's best deal?

Limited time freebie

NordVPN 2 years + 3 months FREE | $3.30/£2.44 a month
NordVPN always goes big on discounts with its long term plan, but right now it's going even further by throwing in an extra three months absolutely free. Sign up to Nord's excellent service for the next two years and the free additional months mean that the effective monthly price is slashed to a mere $3.30 / £2.44 / €2.64.

How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN is nice and simple when it comes to pricing with three basic annual tiers and a monthly option. If you pay month-to-month it'll cost you $11.95 per month. Yearly options, you pay up front in a lump sum to make savings. Go for one year and you'll pay $4.92 per month equivalent, or two years and it drops to a very reasonable $4.12 per month. 

It's also worth keeping an eye out for special deals. Like at Black Friday it was throwing in bonus months for free, or during the summer when it brought in an even bigger discount. Head to the NordVPN website if you want to take advantage of these NordVPN deals and pricing, or check out more information on current bargains with NordVPN coupon codes.

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NordVPN trials: can I try before I commit?

As is now the case with most providers, NordVPN comes with a trial period. Or, rather, a money back guarantee.

We have a dedicated guide that delves further into the NordVPN free trial and how to claim it.

But in short it means that once you have signed up - for any of the one-month, two-year or three-year NordVPN plans as described above - you'll have 30 days within which you can cancel, and you'll be refunded anything you've spent without questions asked.

To see how that compares to the competition, check out our dedicated guide to VPNs with free trials.

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NordVPN price

(Image credit: NordVPN)

How good is NordVPN?

If you've already read and digested our in-depth NordVPN review then you'll know all about that security breach in 2018, you'll know how the company dealt with it, and you'll realise why this service is still flying high in our estimations. 

On top of all the features listed above this is one of the best VPNs for streaming. That means getting access to geo restricted content from the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more – wherever you are. 

That customer support is also a really nice addition which means you can get online, fast, no matter where you are or what issues you're having. 

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How do NordVPN prices compare to the competition?

Despite NordVPN being one of the more premium VPN services out there, it does still make it into our best cheap VPN providers guide. That's largely thanks to the savings you can make with the longer term deals. It's also because this does manage to undercut the top end service, ExpressVPN, which though priced highly does offer the best overall service and is rated our best VPN.

If you want to get a really affordable option, then you're probably better off looking at Surfshark. It's still a great quality VPN, but can be had for a lower cost if you're comfortable signing up for a full two years. In fact, the effective monthly cost comes in at less than $2.50/£2.

To see what offers all our favorite providers are currently running, check out our up-to-the-minute VPN deals guide.

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NordVPN prices, deals and trials summary

TL:DR? Click here to get NordVPN for a month at $11.95 or for a year and you'll pay $6.99 per month equivalent, two years and it's $4.99 or three and it drops to just $3.71 per month. And remember you get that 30-day money-back free trial, too.

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