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LG plans big push for Freeview HD TVs

LG Infinia
Freeview HD is coming to LG TVs

LG has announced a large portion of its TVs will be able to pick up Freeview HD in time for the summer in the UK.

This means football fans will be able to pick up the World Cup in HD for free, with no need for a subscription to a satellite or cable deal.

LG will be focusing on making a large portion of its TVs Freeview HD ready, in order to make sure the 50 per cent of the population that can use the service in the UK will be able to do so by summer.

Size does matter

The brand will release a large number of TVs sporting Freeview HD compatibility, including the LED backlit LE5710 (up to 55-inch screen size) and the PK 580 plasma range, which will go up to 60 inch screen sizes.

The range will be released as part of the Infinia push from the brand, meaning an April 2010 launch in the UK.