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Nikon teases D4S announcement

Nikon D4
Hooray, the D4 is getting a new sibling to play with

Nikon has revealed that it will be showcasing the D4S, an upgrade to its most advanced DSLR, at the CES show, before an official announcement is made.

For the moment, specifications are thin on the ground, but professional photographers are likely to be excited at the prospect of the new camera, which comes two years after the D4 was announced.

Nikon has form here, announcing the D3S roughly two years after the D3.

Big events

It makes sense that Nikon would be keen to let pros know that a new camera was on the way ahead of the Winter Olympics, World Cup and Commonwealth Games, all of which are taking place this year.

The D4 features a relatively low resolution, at 16 million pixels, so it will be interesting to see what number Nikon plumps for in its new flagship model.

We'll bring you more details from the show floor as we get them