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LG brings TV to Prada Phone

A version of the Prada Phone by LG will have a DMB TV tuner inside

A TV-equipped version of the Prada Phone by LG has been announced - though in order to tune into telly on the fashionista favourite you'll need to be in South Korea.

Sporting a DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) tuner, the latest version of the Prada Phone is geared up for over-the-air broadcasts from South Korea's established DMB terrestrial mobile TV service.

All the regular touchscreen-operated functionality of the original version model - such as multimedia player, camera and organiser functionality - will be onboard, but an additional antenna provides the TV pick-up capability.

The announcement of the DMB-equipped Prada Phone comes ahead of the Korea IT Show 2007 , where manufacturers are showing off new products, including Samsung's DMB-capable, Picture-in-Picture enabled SCH-B710 .