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iPad UI now available for the iPhone

The iPad - but a lot smaller...
The iPad - but a lot smaller...

The iPad user interface is now available for iPhone users - meaning a new fancy 3D view and iBooks too.

The option is only available for those with jailbroken iPhones (did you really expect anything else?) but means you'll be getting the full 10-inch experience in a teeny screen.

What's more, the interface doesn't just squeeze the icons down to an impossible size - everything is re-calibrated to make your iPhone into an iPhad.

Skillz needed

You'll need a modicum of modding expertise (or just be a little bit foolhardy) as well as the ability to head to the Cydia app store to get it, but come on - who wouldn't want that on their phone?

Check out the video below if you want to see the modification in action - and be warned, you may think you've suddenly become a giant holding an iPad like an iPhone.

From Redmond Pie via Engadget