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Sony shows off Driveclub's awesome weather tech in two new videos

If you get one of those toy steering wheels you can pretend you're really playing

We've already had a play with Evolution Studios' Driveclub and we can confidently tell you that we were impressed. But if you didn't believe our spiel, you can see some of the neat tech in action for yourself.

Sony has just posted two Instagram videos showing off the incredible detail in then game's dynamic weather system.

"The clips are all taken from an early demo of the game's realistic and fully customisable weather system, which will be available for DriveClub as a free update for all players shortly after launch," wrote Sony in the blog post, where you can watch the videos.

Alex Perkins, the game's Art Director, added: "It's all about the detail: the dampening surfaces, moisture absorption, changing material appearances, lightning in the sky, and so on. It's amazing to see this come together; to see little details like rain forming puddles that can hold water, then dry out or get bigger depending on the terrain topology and changes to the temperature."

DriveClub was pushed back from its initial 2013 release and is set to launch on PS4 on October 7. Any chance of a demo before then, Evolution?