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Disney Plus is no longer down – here's what happened

Disney Plus Latam
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Well, that was a journey. The Disney Plus platform appears to have briefly gone offline, with TechRadar staff in both the US and UK experiencing dropouts across a number of devices, with a variety of error messages or permanently-loading screens.

We confirmed this on a host of devices including browsers, Roku streaming sticks, Samsung smart TVs, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

The issue seems to have been fixed, though, so it was something of a false alarm – with the service going back to normal at around 4pm GMT / 11am ET / 8am ET. If you were in the middle of a Disney Plus streaming session, or planned on watching one of the many Disney Plus movies and Disney Plus shows later today, you should be fine to continue as planned.

For those who are curious, we have a selection of error messages in display below:

Disney Plus

Disney Plus on browsers (Image credit: Disney / TechRadar)

Disney Plus

Disney Plus on Samsung smart TVs (Image credit: Disney / TechRadar)

Disney Plus

Disney Plus on Android mobile app (Image credit: Disney / TechRadar)

Disney Plus

Disney Plus on iOS (Image credit: Disney / TechRadar)

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