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Nikon defends D3X's lack of video

Nikon D3X - cracking camera, rubbish camcorder
Nikon D3X - cracking camera, rubbish camcorder

At the official UK press launch of Nikon's latest high-end camera, the D3X, in London, the company defended its decision for not giving the DSLR video functionality.

While a video option on a camera is still relatively new, the company did give its last DSLR, the D90, video support, but has sidestepped the function for its latest flagship model.

Speaking about the D3X's lack of video support, James Banfield, Nikon UK professional Support And Training, said: "The whole point of the D3X is for it to be the best DSLR at the highest resolution, and that was our focus when creating the camera."

The customer wants video

Chris Hoare, Professional Business Manager at Nikon, re-iterated this comment, saying that: "Video technology is something the customer is asking for. However, we need to match [this technology] with the camera – this why we made video available for the D90. We have to match the right features with the right products."

While many consumers may be asking for video technology on their DSLRs, it's unlikely those who will fork out £5,000-plus for the D3x will miss video functionality. The camera will likely be bought by professional photographers and photographic studios, the focus will be very much on still images.