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8Tracks aims to fill Muxtape hole

8Tracks, the new mixtape website
8Tracks, the new mixtape website

No sooner has Muxtape, the online mixtape website, closed down, than another website has taken its place.

8Tracks is a new website where you will be able to choose music from an online library and share your collection with friends.

On the site, you are allowed to create a mixtape of up to 30 minutes, or around eight tracks (geddit?).

Even if the site doesn't have the music you want, you can upload your own MP3s to share.

Small webcaster

The way 8Tracks has got around any legal wranglings is by applying for a 'small webcasters license' so in some ways, the owners of 8Tracks won't want the site to get too big, as this could have repercussions.

The website has been created by former Live365 Director of Business Development David Porter. As Live365 is an internet radio site, Porter has got bags of experience in the music streaming sector - something he will need to make sure the site doesn't falter like Muxtape did.