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HP Compaq 6715b 2.2Ghz review

A reliable but no-frills business laptop, ideal for mass corporate roll-out


Our Verdict

Definitely one for the business user, this laptop has little to offer besides its superior build


  • 250GB storage
  • Great build quality
  • Good screen


  • Limited features
  • Lacklustre performance

HP's Compaq range is targeted directly at corporate users.

The nondescript grey design and solid build quality of the Compaq 6715b (£633 inc. VAT) make it a reliable business tool.

Battery life and performance fail to excel, however, leading to limited usability.

Superior build quality

The 2.9kg chassis makes this quite a heavy laptop, but provides basic mobility.

The 199-minute battery life lets you work on the daily commute, but is bettered by many rivals. Build quality is outstanding, however, and more than tough enough for regular travel use.

The keyboard is excellent, with a reassuringly firm typing action. We found it accurate and comfortable at home and on the move.

A panel of touch-sensitive buttons also provides easy access to features such as the volume control and your preferred web browser.

Integrated graphics

The 15.4-inch screen uses a matt finish to reduce reflections when working outside or under bright lights.

It also reduces colour and contrast, so isn't the best choice for multimedia use. The sharp 1680 x 1050-pixel resolution makes it easy to work across multiple windows.

The integrated graphics card from ATi is equally suited to business use rather than multimedia tasks.

You can easily create PowerPoint presentations and edit digital photos, but don't expect to be able to run high-performance multimedia applications with ease.

Low performance

While most laptops use Intel technology, HP uses a dual-core AMD processor.

This is a budget chip and performance is low. It suits basic use such as word processing and browsing the internet, but complex multi-tasking is not an option.

Storage is outstanding. A dual-layer DVD rewriter lets you write data to CD-R and DVD-R, and a 5-in-1 card reader can be used to share files with digital cameras, phones and handhelds.

The 250GB hard drive is more than double the capacity of many of the competition.

Shock-protected laptop

The drive is shock-protected, to absorb any undue impacts to the chassis and to help prevent accidental data loss.

Further security is added by a fingerprint scanner, which can be used for secure access to important files without the need to memorise complex passwords.

Tools for DVD playback and creating your DVDs are provided, but there is no productivity software installed. The warranty covers parts and labour costs only, so you must pay all delivery fees.

Business professionals will be disappointed with its limited features, but the solid corporate stability and excellent build quality of the HP Compaq 6715b make it ideal for corporate roll-outs.