Snag this excellent Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus deal with 300GB of data and £200 cashback

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
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If you're looking for a great value-for-money deal on a powerful Android phone, we've picked out a cracker on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus from Mobile Phones Direct

As well as the handset, you get 300GB of data on the Three network for £29 upfront and £32 per month on a 24-month contract. That's a fine start, but as a sweetener, you can also claim a healthy £200 cashback straight into your bank account. You simply need to follow these instructions from Samsung after you've received the phone.

Today's best Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus deal

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: 300GB of data with Three for £29 upfront, £35 per month + £200 cashback at Mobile Phones Direct

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: 300GB of data with Three for £29 upfront, £35 per month + £200 cashback at Mobile Phones Direct
This is a fantastic value-for-money deal on the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus with buckets of data and a healthy amount of cashback as a sweetener. The Galaxy S24 Plus features a 6.7-inch QHD+ screen that reaches up to 2,600 nits of brightness and AI photo-editing qualities that rival the S24 Ultra. Besides the visuals, it stands out in terms of its lengthy battery life and promise of 7 years of Android support for the foreseeable future.

Our Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus review praised the value that the 'middle child' brings as it sits in between the S24 and S24 Ultra. It's slightly larger than the S24 and S23 predecessors, and offers the same brighter, more vibrant QHD+ screen as the S24 Ultra. You'll also benefit from the same Galaxy AI features as the S24 Ultra.

The 6.7-inch screen capably displays higher resolutions and reaches up to a peak brightness of 2,600 nits, so there's no need to worry about dim screens in the sweltering summer sun. It also runs on 12 GB of RAM for smooth operation (versus 8 GB with the S24) and has a lengthy battery life that lets you leave your charger at home for the day.

Want to know more about Samsung Galaxy S24 variants before committing to a purchase? You can also read more about the technology behind the Samsung Galaxy S24 cameras, battery life, and more. 

And be sure to keep up to date with all the best phone deals to bag your next bargain if this one isn't exactly right for you.

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