Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leaks hint at a controversial camera redesign

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (Image credit: Future)

The rumored launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 (and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6) is getting nearer, and the latest leak around this flagship foldable gives us a glimpse of a rather controversial redesign of the rear camera module.

This leak comes from the well-known (and usually reliable) tipster Ice Universe (via SamMobile), and the photo posted shows the very top of the camera setup around the back of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

It looks like we've got a new ridged design around the individual camera lenses, with black plastic replacing the metal trim used on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and it's an aesthetic that looks "cheap and completely out of place" on a flagship phone, SamMobile says.

Perhaps the redesign is a ploy from Samsung to distract us from the rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 cameras will only represent a modest upgrade over the setup on its predecessor – any upgrade will be a welcome one, but previous leaks had suggested a major bump in camera specs was incoming.

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You can make your own mind up, but it's likely to divide opinion. The same source has previously posted another angle of this rear camera, as well as a closely cropped shot of the selfie camera coming to the front of the cover screen. More recently, the tipster has leaked a mockup of the front of the Z Fold 6 compared to the Z Fold 5.

In a separate leak, SamMobile has also spotted a fresh benchmark that could be attributed to the European version of the Z Fold 6. It's apparently running the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, suggesting this will be the CPU used in the foldable across all global markets.

Samsung has previously experimented with using its own Exynos processors instead of Snapdragon silicon in other flagships, depending on the country they're sold in. That might be the case with the Z Flip 6, but not, it seems with the Z Fold 6.

All should be revealed before too long, with rumors pointing towards a grand unveiling for the foldables at a Samsung Unpacked event on Wednesday, July 10. We should also see a host of other gadgets at that event, including a full reveal for the Samsung Galaxy Ring, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

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