One of the best prepaid plans is now just $25 per month for fully unlimited data

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Visible Wireless was already one of the best prepaid plans money can buy but it's got even better this week thanks to a sizeable price cut on its basic unlimited plan.

You can now get the standard Visible plan for just $25 per month, which is $5 per month cheaper than the previous rate. While this might not seem like a huge price cut, it adds up to a $60 saving per year - and bags you a price that was previously only available via a new customer promotion.

At $25 for a single line, this new price also matches the one that was previously attainable with the carrier's 'Party Pay' feature. For those who don't know, this feature allowed you to bundle your plan together with other users to get a significant price cut. With this brand-new price, there's no longer any red tape or requirements to get the lowest possible price, which is fantastic news for single-line users who just want to keep things simple.

Visible Wireless now $25 per month

Visible Wireless: prepaid unlimited plans from $25 per month

Visible Wireless: prepaid unlimited plans from $25 per month
Visible's latest price cut on its standard plan makes the service fantastic value for data-hungry users on a budget. With unlimited text, calls, and mobile hotspot use, Visible Wireless is easily one of the best options available right now if you want to leave behind those pricey unlimited data plans at the big carriers.

Is Visible Wireless any good?

Visible Wireless plans are great if you're looking for an unlimited data plan but don't want to pay the big bucks that the larger carriers ask for their post-paid plans. 

At Visible, you've got the choice between a standard plan for $25 per month or a premium tier for $40 per month. Both offer completely unlimited data, text, minutes, and hotspot use, but the Visible Plus plan also bags you 50GB of data on the premium Verizon Wideband 5G network, which means blazingly fast speeds.

From a pure value standpoint, the standard Visible unlimited data plan is recommended - although it's subject to heavier deprioritization if the local cellular area is busy. As with most cheap cell phone plans, it's worth doing some research and asking around to see if there's anyone in the local area that uses the service.

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