Just got a new Samsung Galaxy phone? You might be able to get a year of free Disney Plus

Samsung Galaxy Disney Plus offer
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Samsung phone owners received a surprise perk in the shape of a free subscription to Disney Plus. So if you've purchased a new Samsung Galaxy this year, you’re in line for a nice freebie. 

Users of select Samsung Galaxy devices can access free subscriptions to Disney’s streaming service ranging from six months to a year thanks to the latest perk from Samsung Boost. Now this offer has been extended to owners of a wider range of phones, tablets, and laptops – you can see the full list below.

Launched back in 2021 with the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and Ultra, Samsung Boost offers a variety of free app and service subscriptions to Samsung users, including YouTube Premium, Deezer, and Disney Plus. 

If you’ve already claimed your free Disney Plus subscription through Samsung Boost on another device, don’t fret, as users have reported you can generate a new code for another free subscription on the Samsung page and check if your device is eligible. If you’re going from one Disney Plus account to another, you’ll need to cancel your current subscription for your new code to be accepted.   

Disney Plus ad for Samsung Boost

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What's the catch?  

While this is exciting news for Samsung device owners, there are a couple of catches. The main one is that this offer is only available to Samsung Galaxy device users in the UK and Ireland. Samsung owners should also note that this perk may not be successful for everyone, but some users have been reporting they’ve managed to redeem their free subscriptions. 

The other catch is that the offer is only available to owners of selected Samsung devices, however, the list covers a vast range of Samsung models, including the following: 

  •  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5  
  •  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5  
  •  Samsung Galaxy Tab 9 series  
  •  Samsung Galaxy S23 series 
  •  Samsung Galaxy S22 series  
  •  Galaxy Tab S8 series 
  •  Galaxy Tab S7 series 
  •  Galaxy S21 series 
  •  Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G  
  •  Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G  
  •  Galaxy Z Fold 4  
  •  Galaxy Z Flip 4  
  •  Galaxy S20 FE  
  •  Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra  
  •  Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360  
  •  Galaxy Book 3 Pro 

How to claim your free Disney Plus subscription  

To claim your free Disney Plus membership, all you have to do is go to the Samsung page and scan a QR code that will check if your device is eligible. From there, select the Disney Plus offer from Samsung Boost. The page should take you to the Disney Plus site, where you’ll have to enter your details to set up an account – and it’s as simple as that.  

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