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Crucial Ballistix PC3-10600 1,333MHz review

This kit has limited appeal, aside from that budget price

Crucial Ballistix PC3-10600 1,333MHz
The Crucial Ballistix PC3-10600 1,333MHz may be slow, but it's darn cheap too


  • Appealing price


  • Disappointing performance

How about 4GB of DDR3 for under £160? More importantly, how does Crucial do it?

Well, for starters, there are no gimmicks, just a plain heatsink encasing the memory chips and as it happens it's the slowest speed memory on test.

While the 1,333MHz speed also has the lowest CAS latency, with timings of 6-6-6-20, the actual recorded latency was one of the highest, at 72ns.

In fact, this kit came bottom in all the tests, with the lowest bandwith of 17,300 Mb/s. The Everest tests confirm this, showing the lowest read speed of 13,721Mb/s.

There's room for overclocking, but without the advanced heatsinks found on the other modules, you may find they don't like being pushed. But, if you're on a budget the results aren't bad for the money.