Surface Book 2 might not arrive until 2018

Many folks have been keenly awaiting the arrival of the Surface Book 2 for a long time now, but it seems that the wait will continue, at least according to a new report which claims that the hybrid sequel won’t be seen until 2018.

This comes from Mary J Foley at ZDNet, a well-respected source on all things Microsoft, who claims her inside contacts have said that the company might not start shipping a new Surface Book until early next year.

Obviously this is chatter from the grapevine so has to be taken with the usual caveats, and of course note the qualifying use of the word ‘might’ in the report.

But still, when we heard earlier this month that Microsoft is set to reveal at least one new Surface device at the Future Decoded event in London at the end of October, we had hoped that the timing was lining up for a new Surface Book to finally be revealed – and that seems far less likely now.

Surface spin

It seems the hardware in question will most likely be the LTE spin of the new Surface Pro (introduced earlier this year), which is nice, but obviously a far less exciting prospect than a Surface Book 2.

Foley also claimed that the sequel to the Surface Hub won’t be appearing this year either, and is also set for an early 2018 launch.

Meanwhile, in other Microsoft news, we just heard that the firm is planning a Windows Mixed Reality event for the start of October which will further detail the vision for these more affordable VR headsets (such as the Dell Visor or Lenovo Explorer).

Via: Neowin

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