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Sony PIX - new feature film channel for mobiles

Sony and AT&T launch the PIX movies channel for mobiles in May

Sony Pictures Television is gearing up to launch a movie network on mobile phones, with AT&T’s PIX channel launching in May.

Sony has teamed up with AT&T and MediaFLO USA to launch the PIX channel, for linear broadcasting of full-length feature films on mobile, along with another as-yet-unnamed channel set to launch at the same time.

Deeply entertaining

"What you see a lot on the carrier decks is promotional content that people can snack a little on," said Eric Berger, VP of mobile entertainment at Sony Pictures Television. "There's nothing currently there as deeply entertaining as these movies."

And while the idea of viewing a two-hour long movie on a miniature mobile screen (without an option to pause or rewind) might be a little off-putting to viewers that value their eyesight, Berger claims that the service, “Isn't for people looking to view a movie for the first time."

Populist choices

Films will run on PIX for a month, with regular additions being added on a weekly basis. Titles mentioned to date for PIX include Philadelphia, Ghostbusters, Memento, The Karate Kid, Layer Cake, Resident Evil and Roxanne.

Pricing details and details about an on-demand service are still to be confirmed.