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Try on glasses from comfort of your mobile

Virtual glasses can be tried on real faces by mobile phone.

Glasses and contact lenses are noticeably big business all over Asia, so it's no surprise to see a Japanese optician combining sales of spectacles with the venerable mobile phone.

Glasses superstore Megane Top (literally, 'Top Glasses') has just started a handy service where browsers of the frame selection on their mobile-phone website can go one step further and try them on virtually.

Stick-on specs

As you might have guessed, this involves the would-be customers taking photos of themselves on the phone and combining them with shots of glasses downloaded from the Megane Top server.

Once that's done, the 'Mobile Fitting' service can cycle through frames and slap them over the photo until the cows come home. Alternatively, of course, anyone really that bothered could simply step into one of Megane Top's nationwide chain of stores, but that might necessitate talking to a real person.