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iPhone 5 photos reveal next-gen sensors, display shielding

Sixth-gen iPhone components
How much more is left to know about the next-gen iPhone?

There won't be much element of surprise at Apple's supposed iPhone 5 media event, with even more component parts surfacing online Thursday.

The latest leaks reveal sensors, buttons and covers for the sixth-generation iPhone, which Apple is expected to debut during a media event September 12.

Seemingly out of nowhere, images surfaced from a website called iColorOS, which showed a number of parts rumor enthusiasts have already seen plus a few ones poking out for the first time.

Metal mystery

Included as part of the images is a thin sheet of metal, presumably used as protective EMI shielding for the back of the handset, which is widely rumored to arrive with a longer 4-inch display this year.

Although the true nature of the mysterious piece of metal is unknown at this time, it gives a glimpse into what a larger iPhone might look like.

Unfortunately, the iColorOS website appears to have gone down, redirecting to a splash screen for OS X Lion Server.

With all of the next-gen iPhone component leaks flying back and forth, it seems like just a matter of time until a fully assembled unit finally sneaks out.

Via: AppleInsider and iColorOS