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Get another taste of the LG Chocolate

The LG Chocolate to get a modern-day twist
The LG Chocolate to get a modern-day twist

An update to LG's successful LG Chocolate handset is in the works, with the phone to land in the UK in August.

Details of the new range are sparse at the moment, but LG has confirmed that the new device will be will be "a disruptive force in conventional mobile screens".

Black Label series

The original LG Chocolate was launched back in May 2006, and since then there have numerous iterations of the device.

The brand has been incredibly successful for the Korean company, with the series selling over 21 million units in three years across 54 countries.

The phone will be the fourth in the Black Label series from LG, joining the likes of the LG Secret and the LG Shine.

Although no proper pictures of the phone have been released (other than the rather vague teaser shots), LG is promising that the handset will "inherit the original minimalist-inspired style and iconic design of its predecessor".

As always, more details when we get them.