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Audioboo turns iPhone audio into text

Audioboo gets audio-to-text features
Audioboo gets audio-to-text features

AudioBoo, the innovative iPhone app that allows audio to be uploaded to the web, has been given a major boost, with news that voice-to-text service SpinVox has been integrated into the app.

Since its launch back in March, Audioboo has been called the "Twitter of the spoken word" and currently has around 30,000 registered users, with more than one Audioboo audio recording made every five minutes.

Voice choice

While voice-to-text may not sound the most exciting thing in the world, its uses are endless – that sound you can hear is the collective sound of relief from note-taking secretaries and journalists up and down the land

It's good for the UK, too. SpinVox is a UK-based API, and coupled with Audioboo, recorded voice can be now converted to text and uploaded to iPhone podcasts and even to Twitter.

So far, the app only works with five-minute bits of text. Find out more by pointing your browser to

Via BusinessWire