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Europe voting on more cuts to roaming charges

Cnt tlk am in Paris!
Cnt tlk am in Paris!

Using mobile phones abroad could become considerably cheaper – with the European Parliament set to vote on whether roaming charges should be capped further and expanded to text and mobile internet.

A vote in Brussels will decide if people should not be exposed to exorbitant prices just to use their mobile phones in other European countries.

Still not cheap

The cost of a voice call would fall to (a still hefty) 27 pence a minute – down from 36p – and the cost of a text would drop to 9p, from the current average of 23 pence.

Currently, the cap on roaming charges, which arrived in September 2007, only applies to voice calls and not texts or data usage.

But EU commissioner for telecommunications, Viviane Reding, is hoping to push through more cuts, after her calls for a voluntary decision by the phone industry were ignored.