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Sony Ericsson and LG: Android phones Q3 2009

Android coming to Sony Ericsson and LG next year?
Android coming to Sony Ericsson and LG next year?

Sony Ericsson and LG are unlikely to release Android-powered phones until later in 2009, according to a Korean analyst.

Telecoms Korea is reporting that the two handset manufacturers are looking top the latter half of next year to get on the Android joy-train, with the success of the initial G1 phone likely to be a barometer by which others design their phones.

Translating through the text, we can tell the analyst believes Android is drawing criticism from certain mobile operators as it does not favour them for some reason.

Small amount of phone

This is the reason SE and LG will release small numbers of Android powered phones far later than expected, said Mirae Asset, of Mirae Asset Securities Co.

However, surely the fact the Android OS is so open is a major selling point rather than a drawback? Sure, it will struggle to offer some services that are usually locked into new phones, but that should force the networks to raise their game and make content ANYONE would want.

Asset also said the biggest obstacle to Android's success is the scepticism of the profit making potential of ad-based revenue... but if Google's success online is anything to go by, this is likely to be a no-brainer too.