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HP EliteBook 6930p battery lasts 24 hours

No time for sleep with the 24-hour HP 6930p laptop
No time for sleep with the 24-hour HP 6930p laptop

Road warriors take note – now you can sacrifice what remains of your personal life to the online world with a new laptop from HP that can last 24 hours between charges.

The new HP Elitebook 6930p squeeze 'up to' 24 hours from a single charge of HP's Ultra Capacity battery.

Energy star

The notebook manages this feat of endurance thanks to a power-saving 80GB solid state drive (boosting battery life by seven per cent) and an Illumi-Lite LED backlit display (adding up to four hours of use). Users will also need to download the latest HP BIOS and Intel graphics driver.

"All-day computing has been the holy grail of notebook computing," said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager of HP's Notebook Global Business Unit, a man who clearly gets paid overtime and doesn't need to sleep.

The Energy Star-certified Powerbook 6930p also meets military specs for shock resistance, extreme temperatures and humidity, and has an anodized aluminium frame with a magnesium shell. It's available from mid-October with a weight from 2.1kg and a price from £1,420.