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Samsung launches 4GB DDR3 chips

Samsung DDR3 RAM
Samsung DDR3 RAM

Samsung has just announced it has developed the first 4GB DDR3 RAM using its 50 nanometre technology.

Samsung's latest development offers a more green solution to power use. The chips are set to be used in 16GB in-line memory modules, 8GB unbuffered DIMM in desktops and smaller form factor 8GB DIMM in laptops.


"We have leveraged our strength in innovation to develop the first 4-GB DDR3, leading the industry to higher DRAM densities," said Samsung Semiconductor's Kevin Lee.

The higher density 50nm technology is what decreases power drain – with the number of chips used in the RAM significantly less than other DDR3 memory.

Samsung is looking to implement its 50nm designs in all of its RAM in the coming months.

"DDR3 memory has remained stubbornly expensive," expert commentator Jeremy Laird told TechRadar, "budget 6GB kits for triple-channel Intel Core i7 PCs still cost upwards of £200.

"But the increased density of Samsung's new 50nm 4GB chips should help push prices down. With DDR3-capable CPUs due imminently from AMD, that's extremely welcome."