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Amazon has given us an early look at its pre-Black Friday deals

Every year Amazon discounts its own tech over the Black Friday period, and the deals are set to kick off on November 16 this year.

The company has just offered a sneak peek at some of the Amazon Black Friday deals we can expect to see heading starting the week before the main event. There are some significant discounts to existing Amazon tech, including products launched in 2018 like the Echo speakers and new tablets.

Below you'll find our first look at the discounts you'll see the week before the main event, but we'd expect a lot of these to carry on into Black Friday itself. We'll probably see even more deals then too.

For example, Amazon has only discounted its last generation Kindle Paperwhite to $79.99 (from $99.99) come November 22. We've got our fingers crossed we'll see discounts for the normal Kindle and even the Kindle Oasis too.

So far we've only heard about the products going on sale in the US, but it's worth looking if you live in the UK or Australia as we'd expect it to be similar deals to go up in those countries too.

November 16

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) tablet - is $119.99, soon $99.99

The 10-inch Amazon Fire tablet is already affordable, but from November 16 it'll be a touch cheaper... $20 cheaper, in fact. At under $100 for the first time it may be worth grabbing as it comes with Alexa built-in and all of Amazon's services in easy reach.

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Amazon is also putting the Kids Edition tablets on sale too. You'll be able to buy the Fire 7 Kids Edition with a $10 discount down to $69.99 and the much more impressive Fire HD 8 Kids Edition from this year is $10 down too at $89.99.

November 18

Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K UHD/HDR - is $119, soon $59.99 

That's half price for the Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K that allows you to replace your living room remote with your voice. It doesn't come with YouTube built-in, but there's lots more here to love and the discount is significant.

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November 22

Here's the big day... well, it's Black Friday Eve. This is the Thursday right before everything gets properly started and it's when you can expect to see the most significant discounts.

These deals will only last until the products sell out, so you may want to buy on November 22 rather than waiting to see if there are better deals on the Friday itself.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) - is $49.99, soon $24

The 2017 Echo Dot is also on sale, but we'd only recommend going for the newer edition as it features better audio and a more attractive design. At half price, this is going to be a steal and it's the perfect way to access smart assistant features for the first time.

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Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) - is $149.99, soon $109.99

Want the best audio possible from an Amazon Echo speaker? This year's Echo Plus is one of our favorite smart speakers money can buy and this $40 discount is not to be sniffed at.

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Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) is $229.99, soon $179.99 

Want your Echo to have a screen? You'll need the Echo Show, and Amazon is planning to discount this speaker that it launched earlier this year by $50. It's worth waiting until November 22 for this.

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Amazon Smart Plug is just $5 when you buy an Echo product

Planning to get an Echo smart speaker this Black Friday? Why not add in an Amazon Smart Plug for a fifth of its normal price. This deal likely won't come to the UK, but it's a steal for those in the US.

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