Sony Bio Battery juices gadgets with grapes

The cartons of fruit juice on the left are actually powering the Walkman on the right.

Sony Japan has just posted a short video and press release detailing its latest fuel cell - a device that uses not ethanol or methanol this time, but glucose extracted from grape juice and sports drinks.

It's all in Japanese but be sure to take a look at the video near the top of the page for the most impressive fruit-based electricity we've ever seen.

Enzymes in action

The four-cell array can be seen powering speakers attached to a Network Walkman after being filled with a squirt of grape extract and a small fan using the sugar in a Lucozade-type sports drink.

According to the release, enzymes from the labs of Kyoto University's agriculture department break down the glucose, allowing the Bio Battery - as they've dubbed it - to generate a world record 50mW of power.

So, let's see - shall we carry around combustible alcohol for our future fuel cells or share a splash of juice with the gadgets? Hmm...