Microsoft wants your clever ideas for new HoloLens apps

HoloLens ideas
Got an idea for how to use HoloLens?

They're not short of a brainy boffin or two at Microsoft headquarters but the company still wants to hear what the rest of us think: if you're struck with inspiration about the best way to make use of HoloLens then you can now submit your thoughts to its developers.

"The Microsoft HoloLens community is bursting with spectacular ideas for how holographic computing will transform our world," explains Microsoft. "We believe the most incredible HoloLens apps will come out of ideas you imagine together."

You can submit your augmented reality imaginings until 11 January at which point a Twitter vote will decide on the best one from a shortlist of three approved by Microsoft. If your idea is chosen you'll be able to be part of the process of making it come to life.

HoloLens ideas factory

The Microsoft HoloLens team will take care of the coding and designing, so it's a great opportunity to get your AR app idea out there without having to build it yourself. Ultimately the project will then be made open source so the rest of the HoloLens community can play around with it.

You can check out some of the ideas that have already been floated if you're looking for inspiration. Microsoft has previously shown the headset being used to play Minecraft on a physical table and to battle robot insects bursting through a living room wall.

The winning app stands a good chance of being ready before HoloLens is: expensive, early prototypes will go on sale to developers at the start of 2016 but it looks likely that the rest of us will have to wait many more months to get our hands on a fully finished HoloLens.

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