Use TVAddons for Kodi plug-ins? You might be OK after all

Back in July we reported that TVAddons, a leading source of Kodi addons, could be endangering the privacy of its users now that its domains were in the hands of a law firm

However, a few days ago TVAddons posted a lengthy blog post fighting back against the accusations. 

Central to their argument is that while their domains are in the hands of a law firm, the firm holding them is separate from the firm suing them. Referred to as an 'independent council', TVAddons claims that the firm has been tasked with protecting the domains from interference while the court case is ongoing. 

An ongoing case

The domains will remain in the hands of the law firm in question until the case has been resolved

It will certainly be reassuring to hear that the situation has ostensibly not endangered the privacy of users, but as TorrentFreak points out, it's no wonder people started to fear the worst after TVAddons didn't issue a statement about the situation. 

After all, reports about the possession of these domains started to emerge back in July, and it's taken until September for TVAddons to issue a statement. 

Currently, the law firm suing TVAddons is appealing against the decision by the courts that said the domains were illegally seized, so we're sure we haven't yet heard the end of this story. 

Jon Porter

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