This may be what the iPhone 8 looks like with its screen turned on

We’ve now seen plenty of iPhone 8 images, but most of them show the device with the screen off. Now we’ve seen what it might look like with the display lit up.

In a series of renders claimed by iDropNews to be the most realistic available, you can see that the screen takes up almost the entire front of the phone, even running up the sides of the one black bar at the top, which apparently houses dual front-facing cameras, the earpiece and sensors.

If accurate, the iPhone 8 would have even less bezel than the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Essential Phone – the latter of which has a similar cut-out at the top, but also a black bar at the bottom.

Decisions to be made

However, the report notes that it’s still unknown whether Apple will go with the design shown in these images, or will black out the portions of the display to either side of that black bar. That second option would leave Apple with a marginally smaller and less striking display, but one that’s a more conventional rectangle shape.

While these images don’t show the back of the phone, the report claims to believe that Touch ID will be built into the screen, as has been heavily rumored.

And those dual-front facing cameras we mentioned? Those will apparently enable a 3D laser face scanner, which could be used to identify you. We heard about the possibility of this back in February, but it’s not one of the most prominent rumors, so we wouldn’t count on its accuracy.

And we’d take all of this with a pinch of salt, but the design lines up with most other recent images we’ve seen, so this could well be how your iPhone 8 will look when you turn on its Retina display.

James Rogerson

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