This bargain Polaroid 4K TV with Dolby Vision just got £70 cheaper

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After a real bargain on your next smart TV? This 4K television from Polaroid has seen a £70 price cut at Asda stores in the UK, bringing its paltry £329 RRP down to just £259.

At 50 inches, the display is pretty sizable, even if it doesn't meet the expanse of the 65-inch 4K TVs or 75-inch screens out there, and offers a lot of pixels for the low cost of the set.

£259 at Asda (opens in new tab)

Polaroid 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV | £329 £259 at Asda (opens in new tab)
This budget smart TV comes with 4K resolution, HDR support, and even Dolby Vision for a paltry £259 – thanks to a £70 price cut on the original RRP. Polaroid is a budget TV brand, so don't expect a high quality picture, but it will certainly get a screen in your home for less.

You'll get a host of high-end technologies even in this budget set, with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR, HLG (hybrid log gamma), and dynamic Dolby Vision HDR. You'll also get three HDMI 2.1 ports, two USB ports, and support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and FreeView catch-up apps. The TV remote will come with a dedicated Netflix button too, for easy access to the TV streaming service.

The deal is exclusive to Asda, and is available as of May 1 until stocks last – so if it seems like your kind of deal, make sure to catch it before stock runs out.

Should you buy on the cheap?

HDR support can be somewhat misleading at such a low price as this, with the panels used in budget sets not particular able to show off HDR imaging at its best, even if the format is technically compatible. 

But if you want a taste of high-end formats without having to splash out on a £1,000-plus television, this Polaroid TV may do the job.

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