The first all-electric Lotus SUV will arrive soon, but its EV sports car is still a way off

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(Image credit: Lotus)

Lotus is going electric, and as part of that shift, it is making big moves in vehicle development. 

The company, founded by Colin Chapman, is opening a new facility in China and has announced plans for a handful of new electric vehicles in various classes. 

The brand's first SUVs are among them, along with what promises to be an exciting sports car.

As part of the move, Lotus plans to release four new electric vehicles in the next five years. The automaker says that the vehicles will ride on its Lotus Premium architecture, which supports a range of wheelbase measurements and a wide variety of vehicle types. 

The platform accommodates battery sizes of between 92kWh and 120kWh and is compatible with 800-volt fast charging. 

Lotus also notes that vehicles developed using the platform will be quick – like, 0-62 mph in under three seconds quick.

Silhouette of four EVs on yellow and black background

The teaser image from Lotus on its upcoming EV range (Image credit: Lotus)

First Lotus SUV coming 2022

Lotus will debut an SUV, codenamed Type 132, in 2022. The automaker says that the following year, it will release an electric four-door coupe currently known as Type 133. 

In 2025, Lotus plans to release another SUV, and in 2026 it will drop an electric sports car. 

While that feels like a long wait for an electric sports car from Lotus, the brand has already announced the Evija EV hypercar - although its price tag will likely put it out of reach of all but the very wealthiest.

Type 132 will be an E-segment SUV, which in North America means that it will be an executive, or premium, level vehicle. 

Type 133 will also be an E-segment vehicle, but the Type 134 (slated for 2025) will be a D-segment SUV, which in Europe is considered a large car or vehicle.

Fully electric by 2028

These four vehicles fit within Lotus' Vision80 roadmap, which is its plan to convert into an all-electric automaker by its 80th birthday in 2028. 

To support that goal, Lotus has spun off a new division called Lotus Technology. The group has launched a global headquarters in Wuhan, China, that will focus "on batteries and energy management, electric motors, electronic control systems, intelligent driving, intelligent manufacturing, and more."

A new manufacturing facility is also on the way for Wuhan and will open later this year.

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