YouView is coming to Sony TVs on November 4

Sony YouView
Early fireworks display

Sony has just announced its Bravia line of Android TVs is all set to get a long-awaited software update to fit them up with YouView.

Come November 4 this year, Sony's TVs will become the first to integrate the YouView service directly into their hardware. As soon as they're updated you'll have instant access to the full suite of UK catch-up services - that's BBC's iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5.

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Given the struggle with sideloading whatever catch-up apps are missing from the native Android TV Play store the addition of YouView is going to come as welcome relief for the Sony Bravia faithful.

TVs, like the impressive Sony KD-65S8505C we've just reviewed, will really benefit from this added feature.

Sony KD-65S8505C

Better late than never

Originally expected in the Summer, the release of YouView on its TVs will give Sony owners access to over 17,000 movies and shows across the different services on offer.

And, as well as the classic seven day scroll back guide, YouView is also being incorporated into the 'Home' screen, enabling you to either search for specific content that you're after from the services, or brand new TV shows suggested via the 'Discover' feature.

Sony YouView

You will though need to make sure that your Sony TV has its automatic updates enabled, but then given most Android TV customers are desperate for their television's OS to be improved we reckon they'll already be voraciously downloading any updates that come their way.

If you want to check if your Sony TV - or prospective Black Friday purchase - is going to get this awesome update then we've got the full list below:

4K Ultra HD

  • KD-75X94C
  • KD-65X93C
  • KD-55X93C
  • KD-75X91C
  • KD-65X90C
  • KD-55X90C
  • KD-65S85C
  • KD-55S85C
  • KD-65S80C
  • KD-55S80C
  • KD-75X85C
  • KD-65X85C
  • KD-55X85C
  • KD-49X83C
  • KD-43X83C
  • KD-55X80C
  • KD-49X80C

Full HD

  • KDL-75W85C
  • KDL-65W85C
  • KDL-55W80C
  • KDL-50W80C
  • KDL-43W80C
  • KDL-55W75C
  • KDL-50W75C
  • KDL-43W75C