Foxtel brings Barclays Premier League to Play

Foxtel Play
At least you won't have to sign up to a year-long contract to watch the matches...

With the recent launch of Foxtel Play, Foxtel has now announced that the 2013/14 Barclays Premier League will be available to watch live through its new IPTV service.

The first match kicks off this Saturday at 9pm (AEST), with Liverpool facing Stoke City, but in order to get your league fix through Foxtel Play, you'll have to first subscribe to a genre package to then be able to subscribe to the premium Sports package.

One genre package will set you back $25, two will be $35, $45 for three or $50 for all four. The Sports package will cost $25 extra, but will give you access to Fox Sports channels, ESPN and ESPN2, as well as Euro Sport, Speed and Fuel TV.

As a month to month service, you should keep in mind that you will be paying a minimum of $50 a month if your keen to watch the entire season through Foxtel Play.

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