BBC stops DRM-free loophole


The BBC has released a ‘fix’ for the iPlayer that stops the 'unrestricted downloading' of streamed TV programmes. It prevents the workaround that allowed people to download programmes DRM free.

The roll-out of the iPlayer for the iPhone created a straightforward loophole that could be exploited to get unprotected MP4s of BBC programmes - a story that TechRadar broke on Tuesday, and has now hit the broadsheets.


Although the BBC’s immediate response was to insist that the iPlayer was still in beta and it expected the problems, many commentators suggested that it needed to move swiftly to ensure that its charter was not broken.

A statement from a BBC spokesperson said: “We’ve released a fix to prevent unrestricted downloading of streamed TV programmes on BBC iPlayer.

“Like other broadcasters, the security of rights-protected content online is an issue we take very seriously. It’s an ongoing, constant process and one which we will continue to monitor."