Sea of Thieves ‘friends play free’ week lets you recruit three land-lubbers

Sea of Thieves
Image Credit: Rare

If you’ve been enjoying Sea of Thieves lately – the game has experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent times, after all – then now’s the time to try and get your land-lubbing friends to play, as they can do so for free over the following week.

Yes, it’s ‘friends play free’ week in the game from February 6 through to February 13, starting from 2pm GMT (6am PT) today, for Windows 10 PC players and Xbox One addicts.

Anyone who owns Sea of Thieves (or indeed has played it through a still-active Xbox Game Pass subscription) can invite up to three friends to try out the game at no cost. All you have to do is head here to get the free codes you’ll need to send to your pals.

What’s also well worth noting is that if those gamers you invite to the free trial subsequently decide they want to purchase Sea of Thieves, they can do so after the freebie week for a 35% discount. That offer runs until February 27, and will mean they can buy the game for £32.49 rather than £49.99 (or $38.99 as opposed to $59.99).

Rum’s the word

During the free week, you can embark on a fresh set of mercenary voyages specific to this event, which you’ll get from Duke in the tavern. Apparently these special voyages involve an epic quest to find the treasure of the notorious ‘rum runner’.

Rare also teased that it will have big news to share on the one-year anniversary of Sea of Thieves, which takes place on March 20. That could be the introduction of the new PvP mode called The Arena.

The piratical romp seems to be going from strength to strength these days, now more content has been introduced over the months via various expansions, and interest has picked up from high-profile streamers on the likes of Twitch.

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