Samsung Galaxy S9 may feature an 'Environmental Sensor' pollution monitor


Air pollution is a major issues in cities around the world, and a new patent suggests Samsung is working on a sensor that sits inside your phone to help your monitor how bad for your health your environment may be.

The component appeared in a patent from a few years ago, which has just been published, suggesting it may either be in development for the Galaxy S9 or future phones.

As is the nature of patents, it may not be a tech that ever sees the light of day either. This sensor would be able to analyze atmospheric conditions and then give the user advice on whether they should wear a pollution mask.

Better breathing

It'll be useful for people that live in cities such as Beijing or Mexico City where air quality is notably poor, but it could also be a good idea for travelers who are not used to high levels of pollution.

The patent suggests you'll be able to monitor the air pollution levels directly on your phone so you can work out if it's safe. That said, it likely won't be accurate in your air conditioned hotel room before you go outside.

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Via SamMobile