Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus leak points to a bright screen and surprisingly fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
A Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (Image credit: Future)

There’s not much about the Samsung Galaxy S22 range that hasn’t been leaked at this point, and we’re largely down to small details such as screen brightness. But we now even have a good idea of what that might be for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, alongside some other interesting details.

Leaker Ishan Agarwal has shared some renders and specs for the phone, in partnership with 91Mobiles, claiming among other things that the S22 Plus will support 45W fast charging.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the Galaxy S22 range getting that much charging power (up from 25W on the Samsung Galaxy S21 range), but recent leaks suggested it would just be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that got this upgrade, so it will be good news if the Galaxy S22 Plus does as well.

Agarwal also claims that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will have a maximum screen brightness of 1,750 nits. That’s up from 1,300 nits on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and would even have the 1,500 nits of the Galaxy S21 Ultra beat.

Other specs leaked here include a claim that the Galaxy S22 Plus will have an Exynos 2200 chipset in the UK, that it will have a 50MP main camera, a 4,500mAh battery (all of which has been rumored previously), and that it will weigh 195g, with the standard Galaxy S22 being 167g and the Galaxy S22 Ultra being 228g.

Supposedly official renders showing the Galaxy S22 Plus from the front, back and sides

(Image credit: 91Mobiles / Ishan Agarwal)

The renders (which are supposedly official) meanwhile don’t show us much that we haven’t seen before, with the design being very similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

In other Samsung news, leaker SuperRoader, who claims to be a former Samsung employee, has said that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will come in a version with 1TB of storage. That would be a first for the range but is something that’s leaked previously. However, from the wording of the Tweet it sounds like this model might land a little later than others.

In replies, SuperRoader added that there will also be a model of the S22 Ultra with 16GB of RAM (which again we’ve heard before), and doubled down on his earlier claims that all countries will get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

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Since he’s specifically talking about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra here, it’s possible that he thinks some other models could get the Exynos 2200, but previously he’d said none of them would – which is at odds with the leak above from Ishan Agarwal.

So since there’s disagreement on the chipset, we’d be cautious about fully believing any claims there. As for the rest of these leaks, while it’s worth taking them with a pinch of salt, there aren’t any red flags.

Analysis: 45W is good, but not great

Of all these leaks, the most interesting is arguably the suggestion that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will have 45W charging. If it does, then there’s a chance the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 will as well (along with the S22 Ultra, which is already rumored to), and that’s a big upgrade on the 25W of their predecessors.

But it’s still not really competitive with most of Samsung’s key rivals. The OnePlus 10 Pro for example offers 80W charging, and the Xiaomi 12 Pro has 120W charging.

Then again, 45W could end up being a good balance. That’s still very fast, and there’s a risk of increased battery degradation with faster charging.

The real reason Samsung might not be in a hurry to catch up though is that its very biggest rival – Apple – only offers speeds of up to 27W in the iPhone 13 range, and we’d be surprised if the iPhone 14 range reached 45W.

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