Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra set for 1TB storage option as more case photos leak

Samsung Galaxy S22 leak
(Image credit: Onleaks)

A new report is claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S22 high-end model - the S22 Ultra - will get a huge 1TB storage option.

The news comes from reliable fan site SamMobile, which says it has ‘learned’ that one variant of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will offer the huge storage option.

With the launch of Samsung’s new S22 range imminent - likely happening in February - we’re expecting to see more of these leaks in the coming weeks, as Samsung seeks to maintain its lead as the world’s biggest smartphone brand.

The lack of a 1TB option has been a surprise omission since the Galaxy S10 Plus in 2019 - while it’s perhaps a storage option that few will take up, when Samsung dropped the microSD slot on the Galaxy S21 range, it was expected that a larger 1TB option would land - but it was nowhere to be seen.

Alongside this leak from SamMobile, Twitter user @hypark22 has been showing off a phone that they claim is a dummy version of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

The Twitter account shows multiple images and a video of the example unit in action, with @hypark22 claiming that their account was temporarily locked, following an alleged claim from Samsung over other images of an S22 dummy model being posted.

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Is 1TB really enough?

More surprising was the fact that Apple launched a 1TB option of its iPhone 13 Pro range, meaning it was offering larger storage sizes than its South Korean counterpart - a rare move, and one that proved there’s a market for those wanting to capture a lot of high-quality video.

The natural question would be whether 1TB will be enough - with Samsung likely losing the microSD slot, there would be no way to increase the capacity. However, most will never even come close to hitting 1TB of storage, even with many hours of high-end photography, apps and more.

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra likely to be able to capture 8K video, a 1TB storage option makes a lot of sense - it just remains whether this will be the only model to offer it, and whether it will come in multiple colors.

If Samsung simply offers a 1TB option in black or similar muted color, it’ll be missing a trick - with creatives the target market for a phone with such high storage, bolder colors would be a great selling point.

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