PS5 games reveal event could happen next week, says report

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony is planning a PS5 games showcase event as soon as next week, according to a new report. Bloomberg says that this virtual reveal event by Sony could happen on Wednesday, June 3. The report caveats, though, that plans could change, given the current circumstances.

This report is more believable than a lot of the PS5 rumors that have circled the internet in the past few months, given its source, and either way it suggests we're not going to have to wait long to see PS5 software in action. 

Few additional details are given, other than the fact that we're not likely to learn every key detail about the PS5 during this particular event. Sony didn't comment on the report. While the PS5's reveal has technically begun, so far it's been limited to a controller reveal and PS5 specs discussion. 

Microsoft, meanwhile, has shown off the Xbox Series X hardware in full, and a proper first-party games reveal event is coming in July. 

Which games will we see?

There are no specifics on which games we can expect to see to see at Sony's event. Our guess is you'll see a number of first-party games, as well as third-party titles where Sony holds an exclusive marketing agreement. We expect a similar pattern to an E3-style showing, basically. 

Either way, we hope it's a better showing than the Xbox Series X's first gameplay showcase, which set expectations slightly too high ahead of a muted showing of new next-gen games. 

Samuel Roberts

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