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The best iPhone 6 prices and deals in January 2016

iphone 6 deals and prices

If you're hunting handsets and seeking the very best iPhone 6 deals money can buy, look no further. We've done the research and dug up the best deals for Apple's awesome iPhone 6. OK, the iPhone 6 has been usurped as Apple's hottest handset by the newer iPhone 6S. But the 6S was a relatively incremental upgrade and the iPhone 6 still packs a punch thanks to its 4.7-inch Retina display and powerful A8 processor. And thanks to the 6S's arrival, the iPhone 6 is cheaper than ever. With Apple's new annual upgrade program you have your iPhone now and look forward to future upgrades from Apple, too.

The iPhone 6 is available with three different storage capacities - 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. As always, we'd advise you go into your purchase knowing how much space you're going to need, and don't be swayed when it comes time to spend your money.

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iphone 6 the best deal

The best iPhone 6 deals:

iPhone 6 16GB
Can you survive with just 16GB? That's the question you have to ask yourself when it comes to the most affordable version of the iPhone 6. If you can get by with 16GB, you'll have all the same great iPhone 6 features, including the fabulous build quality, gorgeous 4.7-inch screen and powerful A8 processor, just with less storage space.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 64GB
Is this the best all-round bang for buck in the current iPhone range? It might just be. With 64GB of storage, there's plenty of space for music, apps and images. As an iPhone 6, you get a much larger and higher resolution Retina display than any previous iPhone handset and also a much improved camera without paying top dollar for the latest iPhone 6S.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 128GB
Give it up for the iPhone 6 of choice for video junkies and app addicts. With 128GB of storage, there's enough space for a planet-sized music library plus oodles of video captured with the iPhone 6's awesome camera. And don't forget, applications like navigation with offline maps can soak up several GB each, too. If in doubt, max that memory out.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 | Annual Upgrades | From $27.45
If you're a big Apple fan or just a sucker for the latest technology, wouldn't it be great to uppgrade your handset every year without forking out full purchase price? Well, now you can thanks to Apple's new Annual Upgrade Program. Instead of buying the handset up front, you pay a monthly installment. After 12 months, you can trade in your iPhone 6 for the latest and greatest iPhone and reboot the monthly payment plan. Nice.

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