The apps to help you burn off those Christmas calories


Update: now with new apps to get you fit and healthy in the new year.

We all know that Christmas is a time for stuffing your face without too much thought for the consequences. Then several days later you find yourself surrounded by chocolate wrappers and empty bottles wondering how on earth you're going to get back into shape.

But fear not, we're on hand to help you start burning off the calories as you enter 2019.

These fitness and health apps will aid you in working off the Christmas pounds and many of them are available for both iOS and Android.


Endomondo has been around a long time and it remains a favorite among fitness fans, so you know it’s good. It’s also regularly updated, so it keeps getting better.

It’s aimed primarily at runners, walkers and cyclists, helping them track the likes of distance, route and speed, but it can also track over 60 other sports, so whatever you’re into or thinking of getting into, Endomondo can probably track you and help keep you on track.

With weekly goals, challenges, and alerts when you hit a personal best there’s plenty to keep you motivated, so you’re unlikely to give up on this two weeks into the new year.

But if you think you might still struggle, enlist some friends to get fit with you. That way you can follow each other’s progress through the app and keep each other motivated.

Available: Android and iOS, free



The hardest thing about dieting is working out what you should actually eat and in what proportions. This is where Lifesum comes in handy. It lets you manage your water and food intake, gives you feedback on what foods to go for, advises you on what to avoid and offers reminders and motivation throughout the day.

You can also work out what type of diet suits your eating habits and health needs. These include the 5:2 diet, the high protein diet, the low carb, high fat diet (LCHF) and the isocaloric diet. In other words, just about any diet you could think of.

Available: Android and iOS, free



One of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape is by going for a run, be it just around the block or for a 5K. However it's never the same without a friend or two to keep you company. On your own, you can feel alone and demotivated.

We can't all be in the same place at the same time, but the Racefully app gives you the ability to connect with runners from all across the globe who want to run and compete with each other in real-time.

Additionally, the app ensures fair competition with others based on differences in route, gradient and weather.

Available: iOS, free



In order to live healthy, you need a balanced diet. Easier said than done. Just opting for the odd over-priced salad isn't as effective as you might have convinced yourself. Meanwhile you're surrounded by plenty of unhealthy temptations.

Farmdrop, an online marketplace offering up fresh food and groceries directly from local farmers and producers, aims to make choosing the right foods a little easier.

Using the app, you're able to browse seasonal recipes, search for products using a wide range of food categories, select top picks and get inspired by the produce and ingredients of over 70 independent British producers. Once you've found something, you can place an order and get it delivered straight to your home.

Available (only in the UK): iOS, free



Unable to hire a physical personal trainer to help you get rid of that beer belly? No problem - Fitnet can help. The app lets you work out to videos from personal trainers while it uses your device's front-facing camera to analyze your performance.

It then provides you with real-time feedback. Other features include calorie tracking, 5/7 minute workouts to suit busy schedules, the ability to set goals and compatibility with Apple TV and Chromecast.

Available: iOS, free



As well as being costly, personal trainers can also be time consuming. So why not digitize the experience with Sworkit? Costing completely nothing, it provides you with video routines covering areas such as cardio, yoga and pilates that last from five to sixty minutes, meaning there's a lot of flexibility if you're busy.

You can also set the times you can work out, and the app adapts to your schedule.

Available: Android and iOS, free

Eat this, Not That! The Game

Eat this

Who said losing weight has to be boring? Eat This, Not That aims to make shedding those pounds fun by gamifying the experience. To be fair, you don't actually do much exercise. Instead, the idea is that you sit in your favorite armchair while tapping through round after round of food items.

Your job is to work out which food is the healthiest. Once you've tapped, the "eat this" and "not that" labels are revealed - and hopefully you will have learned something. The game is split into several categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Available: iOS, free

Weight Watchers


Let's be honest, going to your local Weight Watchers event and admitting you need to lose weight can be a tad daunting. However, the world-renowned weight loss program is available in app form.

It lets you track your food, activity and weight, search for thousands of foods and recipes, keep updated with your weight-loss progress by using a built-in interactive chart, add custom recipes, and scan barcodes to find out which foods are good and which aren't.

You should be on your way to losing weight in no time, as long as you can learn to lock those chocolate biscuits away.

Available: Android and iOS, free

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