Photos possibly taken with Samsung Galaxy Nexus II surface

Galaxy Nexus 2
Clandestine camera shots

The original Samsung Galaxy Nexus came out close to a year ago, and it appears the South Korean manufacturer is about to unveil a successor.

New leaked photos supposedly taken by something called the GT-i9260 have surfaced, indicating Samsung might just be readying the next iteration of the Nexus family.

Of course, this isn't the first time rumors of a new Nexus device have surfaced.

Just last month, leaked specifications for a device codenamed the GT-i9260 appeared online, and revealed a potential Galaxy Nexus/Galaxy S3 hybrid smartphone was in development.

The GT-I9260 resurfaces

The purported Nexus 2 made an appearance again Monday after images taken with the smartphone's camera mysteriously appeared on Picasa.

A graph outlining camera performance specifications, like focal length and exposure, for a device named the GT-i9260 was also part of the leaks.

The current Galaxy Nexus was referred to by its model number - GT-i9250 - instead of a codename. The Galaxy S, SII, and SIII were all named i9000, i9100, and i9300, respectively, making GT-i9260 fit right in with Samsung's sequential naming scheme.

The information page doesn't display what kind of camera the pictures were taken with, but earlier reports indicated the GT-i9260 would come with the same 1.9MP/8MP front/rear cameras as the Galaxy S3.

Nexus 2 to come with Key Lime Pie?

Whether or not this rumored Samsung device will actually be called the Galaxy Nexus 2 is just one of a few questions that has risen from these rumors.

Neither leak revealed which Android operating system the GT-i9260 would have as its default OS.

Though the Nexus and Nexus S 4G just got Android 4.1: Jelly Bean (the Galaxy S3 will get it in October), there's a chance this new device could come with Android 5.0: Key Lime Pie.

Each of its predecessors came with the latest version of the Android OS, so it wouldn't be out of the question for this rumored phone to follow suit.

Until the GT-i9260 is revealed in a more official capacity, it's just a guessing game as to what Samsung's plans are for the Nexus 2...or whatever it's called.

Via SlashGear, Picasa