Nokia 808 Pureview bound for US

808 Pureview bound for the US
The US market wasn't an intended recipient, but Nokia changed its mind

Nokia's powerful cameraphone, the 808 PureView, launched this month in countries around the world - but not the U.S.

In fact, Nokia previously stated that they had no plans to bring the Symbian-run 808 Pureview (or any other non-Windows Phone smartphones) stateside in the future.

So it comes as a pleasant surprise that Nokia's U.S. president, Chris Weber, said that the company is trying to "figure out a way" to bring the Pureview to North American shelves.

Weber said that the phone won't be picked up by any specific U.S. carrier, but that it will be AT&T-compatible.

"The bands that are currently being sold elsewhere in the markets that we have announced are AT&T-compatible, so it will run on AT&T's 3G network," Nokia spokesperson Karen Lachtanski told TechRadar today.

Unfortunately, though, "the 808 Pureview is not an LTE device."

Nokia offers something unique

Lachtanski confirmed that Nokia initially had no plans to offer the 808 Pureview in the States, but that increased interest caused them to consider changing that.

"In the U.S., our smartphone strategy with Windows Phone is still to offer that through the carriers. So that has not changed," she said.

"But every once in a while something kind of unique comes along, and if there's interest from third-party retailers to carry something like the 808 Pureview then we'll look to try to make it happen," Lachtanski continued.

Such is the case with Nokia's 808 Pureview, though Lachtanski made sure to note that Weber's statements are not an official announcement. "There's nothing to announce right now, but as soon as there is, we will do so," she said.

808 Pureview Specs

The Nokia 808 Pureview comes packing a walloping 41-megapixel camera, making it the perfect phone for aspiring photographers who'd rather not carry around a bulky DSLR.

It also records 1080p video, so amateur filmmakers might find it useful as well.

Running the Symbian Belle OS, the Nokia 808 Pureview sports a single-core 1.3Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4-inch AMOLED screen, and 16GB of storage.

It may be the last great Symbian phone, though that remains to be seen.

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