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iPhone sales soar after $200 price cut

The Apple iPhones goes on sale in the UK on Friday 9 November

Mobile phone shoppers are snapping up Apple's iPhone like never before, following a $200 (£98) price cut by the company. Analyst company Piper Jaffray says iPhone sales rose 56 per cent after the cut, which was made on Wednesday 5 September.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and a team of researchers totted up iPhone sales across Apple's flagship stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco during the end of September. These were then compared to sales across 50 stores made in July and August - before the price cut.

Munster concluded that Apple is now selling an average of 142 iPhones per day, compared to the 91 a day before the price cut.

However the Piper Jaffray survey team also revealed that Mac sales had slumped 40 per cent after highs in July and August - the peak US back-to-school buying season.

iPod touch doing well

Munster's team found out which of the new iPods were proving most popular as well. Top was the iPod nano, which was a hit with 39 per cent of buyers, followed by the iPod touch (36 per cent), iPod shuffle (16 per cent) and iPod classic (9 per cent).