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iPhone originally called the Newton Messagepad 3000?

The iPhone with a landscape QWERTY keyboard
The iPhone with a landscape QWERTY keyboard

Two new iPhones have shown up on eBay - although they're just two prototypes of the original handset showing some interesting ideas Apple had before the original release of its phone.

A new listing on eBay has shown two different handsets - one working, and one not - apparently with model numbers that place them in December 2006, which was over a month before the original was announced.

The working model shows a number of interesting features, including a landscape QWERTY keyboard, and a development screen to allow programmers to work with the iPhone's hardware.

The working model can make calls, surf the net and even create and send text messages, although it can only access mobile versions of websites.


It also cycles through some strange screensaver messages, which were probably put there as in-jokes by the developers, including: 'Skank is the new black', 'Nine parts perspiration', 'Skankphone' and 'Say hello to the Newton MessagePad 3000'.

The menus pictured on the eBay listing show some interesting layouts, with functions scattered over the screens, not at all like the grid formation that's become so popular with iPhone users the world over.

Some commenters believe that these are just images of a program developed by an iPhone jailbreaker on their old handset as a hoax... we would never believe something that would be so fun-crushing.

Via iFun